Fun Facts


  • Ally's art was exhibited in the Islip Arts Museum in August 2021. 

      Visit exhibit: 

  • Ally studied tap, jazz, and ballet dancing for 8 years.   Don't walk her by a dance club, she is sure to run in and tear up the dance floor. 


  • Believe it or not, she is a vegan.  She has been a vegetarian for 25 years and a strict vegan for the past 7 years. Veganism means a plant based diet... not eating animals. So, if it has a heart and/or a face, she won't eat it, even if it's honey from a bee.


  • Ally is an avid angler. She loves surf fishing in Montauk, NY in October (fishing season) with her brother. Whatever she catches, she releases back into the ocean.  



  • Ally's older brother was Asim Can Gunduz, an international guitar player, entertainer, songwriter and radio DJ in Turkey.  He was industed into the New York Blues Hall of fame in 2016, two weeks after his death in June of 2016.  


  • Despite the musical talent in her family, Ally can't really hold a tune, but wait...give her a dance floor and she comes alive.