Fun Facts


  • Ally studied tap, jazz, and ballet dancing for 8 years.   Don't walk her by a dance club, she is sure to run in and tear up the dance floor. 


  • Believe it or not, she is a vegan.  She has been a vegetarian for 25 years and a strict vegan for the past 7 years. Veganism means a plant based diet... not eating animals. So, if it has a heart and/or a face, she won't eat it, even if it's honey from a bee.


  • Ally is an avid angler. She loves surf fishing in Montauk, NY in October (fishing season) with her brother. Whatever she catches, she releases back into the ocean.  



  • Ally's older brother was Asim Can Gunduz, a famed guitar player, entertainer, songwriter and radio DJ in Turkey.  Ally lost her beloved brother in June of 2016.  


  • Despite the musical talent in her family, Ally can't really hold a tune, but wait...give her a dance floor and she comes alive.