Global Corporate Financial (GCF) is a private investment firm operating as a consortium of funds.  We specialize in micro and mid cap companies in emerging markets and provide a global footprint for proprietary partnering resources, expertise, and funding.  We are industry and geography agnostic but prefer emerging market companies. 


Growth Capital - We believe in supporting the growth initiatives of well managed public and private companies that has strong growth prospect. Investment Criteria - We are industry & geography agnostic but prefer emerging market companies. We evaluate Industry prospects and strong management for our investment criteria.


Growth Capital

Buy outs

Cash out

Acquisition financing

"Global Corporate Finance is a

$ 5 billion consortium of funds "

Investment Structures
Focused Efficient Professionalism

Our broad range of investment structures permits us to satisfy many equity and debt requirements and with decades of experience we understand the complexity and nuances of the middle market.  We are responsible for at least 6 first time structured financial innovations in various countries.

We are focus on midsized companies to fund their growth initiatives. Our processes are fast, efficient and are designed to address the challenges of midsized companies as to provide greatest competitive advantage. Our team is accessible around the clock. We insist upon the highest ethical standards in all transactions and for the integrity of our commitments. 

Public Companies
Private companies

                                                                                                              Public companies benefit from announcing that they are backed by a major international investment fund.  

GCF group has invested to provide:
Growth Capital

We support the growth initiatives of well managed companies. The market recognizes the importance of a multi-billion dollar fund’s commitment.  When a company announces the commitment, the stock price generally increases, Lenders find increased assurance, and all contract negotiations are fortified by a stronger balance sheet.                                                                              

Acquisition Financing 
We provide equity and debt financing for public companies that have compelling acquisition opportunities.                                                                                                                                               
Purchase Non-Core Assets 
A public company can generate cash from the sale of non-core assets.  GCF can pay all cash for appropriate assets.        


Investment Criteria for Public Companies
We look for public companies with market caps up to US$1 billion and registered on any national exchange. We are very opportunistic and support growth opportunities in all sectors. 

Private companies are the early engines of the emerging markets.  



GCF provides private companies with:


Growth Capital        

GCF supports private companies that have strong growth prospects.  We have initiated a number of investment strategies for private companies     focused on cash flow and the growth opportunities that enhance profitability. 


Earlier Stage Financing         

GCF invests in developing companies indirectly by investing in a joint venture relationship formed with the developing company, the “Pass through”.         


Cross border joint ventures are often ideal and GCF has excellent relationships in both Asia and Europe for this purpose.       


Direct listings/IPO         

GCF invests in private companies that directly list on the Deutsche Borse, the Canadian National Exchange, or any other national exchange.          


GCF will assist in processing the listing.                                                            

Cash Out to Shareholders        

GCF provides cash out to shareholders of private companies in change of control transactions.                                                                                        


Investment Criteria for Private Companies        

We look for private companies with approximately +US 3m EBITDA and tailor our investments to complement the company’s objectives and strategies.