Programs that made the news

Nolcha Fashion Week Istanbul

February 2013


Inspired by her late mother and fashion mentor "Mrs. Bea" (fashion designer of haute couture evening wear  

whose showrrom was located in the heart of the fashion district at 265 West 40th Street New York City), Ally Gunduz ran a leather boutique and wholesale showroom in the fashion district of Manhattan in the 1990's. She is a veteran of exhibiting at several fashion Trade Shows in New York City and has an established network in the New York. Given her fashion industry background, Ally contributed an original idea to the British government's Great Campaign in Istanbul --to throw a state of the art, VIP "Fashion is GREAT" fashion show in a GIANT tentb in front of Kanyon Shopping Center (the heart of Istanbul) featuring independent British designers. Approximately 600 industry decision makers, fashionistas, and guests experienced a "New York Fashion Week-esque" fashion show in Turkey.

Real Estate Investment in the USA

Article from Real Estate Mentors 


Options for Turkish Investors Seeking to Diversify their Investment Portfolio:


How Residential and Commercial Properties Different from Each Other?


What are the differences between residential and commercial properties? Should you invest exclusively in only one type or have a mix of both in your investment portfolio?

Although the principles of investing are the same, you should be aware of these two major categories of property as each has its own merits and demerits.


There are various factors that determine the differences between residential and commercial real estate. They are:

  • Cash Flow

  • Rentals

  • Tenants

  • Property value

  • Lease documents

  • Financing

  • Knowledge of investor


Based on the factors above, lets look at why residential and commercial properties are not the same.