Ally A. C. Gunduz








Experienced economic development professional specializing in international business partnerships and multinational market penetration for small-to-medium sized companies. Excellent understanding of strategic alliance and business development between non-profits, the private sector and international governments. Developed and implemented innovative, well-targeted strategies and campaigns that positioned chambers, companies and countries as preferred business partners. Excellent track record in formulating and translating ideas between local and global partners to create win-win results.


  • Extensive exposure to cross-cultural practices and international business protocols in Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus, Middle East, and North America through a network of trade officials and contacts.

  • Results-focused business driver and cross-discipline decision maker in generating detailed new business proposals, building new operations and continually streamlining existing organizations to achieve global competitiveness, positive working cultures and maximum operating efficiencies.

  • Self-motivated to facilitate organizational expansion, create innovative programs to grow the international pool of partners for local companies, maintain peak quality service, and to meet business objectives.

  • Executive leadership skills with an emphasis on team building and creating a motivated work place.




New Business Development (local & international) • Strategic Alliance and Partner Development between Local & international Partners • Network Architecture between the Public & Private Sector • Channel Development & Management • Vision and Direction • Effective Public Speaker • Account Retention • Branding Strategies • Generating excitement behind major programs • Trade show & event management experience of 20 years • Web Site Developer •




Landwin, Beverly Hills, CA                                                                                                                     2/2013 – Current

Partner/CEO • Landwin International, Istanbul, Turkey  

  • In charge of operations, business development, and marketing of California based  -- a $4 billion portfolio of commercial properties in the United States sold internationally through Private Placement Memorandum.  Company to close due to political upheaval and economic instability in Turkey.


Global Corporate Finance, New York, NY                                                                                                2/2013 – Current

Regional Representative • Istanbul, Turkey  

  • Created and managed the marketing sales office for a $5 billion consortium of growth capital from NYC for Turkish companies.  Analysis of Stock Exchange to generate filtered leads


British Consulate General, UK Trade and Investment, United Kingdom

 Regional Director • Central Asia and the South Caucasus Regional Istanbul, Turkey                                  5/2011– 1/2013

  • Established, developed and managed UK Trade and Investment’s Regional Hub for Central Asia and South Caucasus which consisted of 11 countries. 

  • Created third market collaboration between British, Turkish and third market players in the area of €800 million in high value investment projects into the region.

  • Under the “Britain is GREAT” campaign, created the “Fashion is GREAT” event platform introducing independent British fashion designers and fashion to buyers of high end retail stores.  Network architecture between the British government, local organizations, sponsors, and Harvey Nichols retail shop.


New York State, Trade and Investment Office, New York  

Director • Istanbul, Turkey                                                                                                                     3/2010– 4/2011

  • Contracted to establish and run the first U.S. Trade and Investment office in The Republic of Turkey. 

  • Partnered with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the third largest chamber in the world.

  • Created $846 million in foreign direct investment prospects into New York State and $600 million in trade opportunities in five months. • NYS closed all its international office except three due to unavailability of funds.

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce • New York, NY  

Global Business Director                                                                                                                       9/2008 – Present (honorary)

  • Positioned the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (MCC) as a “clearinghouse of information, contacts and talent” for the international business community in New York.  

  • Created MCC’s Global Portfolio which includes new programs, products, and services that offer chamber members new international business opportunities and provided new channels of revenue.

  • Developed “Country Partner Program” with the Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Brazil, Republic of Turkey, and other countries to promote bilateral trade and investment opportunities between target countries and companies of MCC, the City of New York, and the State of New York.

  • Created the “MCC Specialists Pool” - a talent bank/referral network of specialized service providers for the international and local business community.


Consulate General of Switzerland • New York, NY 

Trade Commissioner                                                                                                                             5/1999 – 11/2007


  • Business and economic development specialist assisting Swiss & Lichtenstein companies to expand or establish their business in the American market.

  • Identified growth markets that created new business opportunities for Swiss export companies and manufacturers (Consular District: Northeast, Nine US States).

  • Created strategic public & private partnerships that strengthened and promoted bilateral trade.

  • Created and defined products and strategies that increased Switzerland’s global competitiveness and brand “Switzerland” as a “preferred business partner”.

  • Provided Swiss companies information, consulting, and marketing services and products to help minimize their market risk and make informed decisions.

  • Keynote speaker and moderator at Swiss, American, and international events and seminars.

  • Conducted formal market studies and partner searches.

  • Organized and managed the Swiss Pavilion at the NY Fancy Food Show and other trade shows and expos on behalf of Swiss companies and the Swiss government for eight (8) years.


Swiss-American Council of Women • New York, NY  

Founder/Executive Director                                                                                                                     2003– 2012

  • Established a non-profit organization committed to the strengthening and promoting the international role, leadership and professional development of women with a vision to become a clearinghouse of information, contacts, and networks to create new opportunities for women. Honorary Chairwoman: President of Switzerland, Michelin Calmy-Rey.

  • Created a transatlantic think tank and successful partnership of public and private networks to leverage the credibility, leadership and professional visibility of Swiss women in the United States.

  • Established an artificial third-person platform that serves to promote and support the international role and leadership of Swiss women in the United States.

  • Designed a unique infrastructure that fosters partnership at high-levels through the use of industry, government and academia. 

  • Created and participated in four (4) international conferences (New York, Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva); thirty (30) events from seminars to distinguished keynote speakers to include Swiss and American dignitaries: President and Foreign Minister Michelin Calmy-Rey, former Swiss Federal Councilors J. Couchepin and Ruth Metzler, and New York State Senator Liz Krueger, President Victor Yushenko of Ukraine, and several other Ministers of Economy and Foreign Trade.




  • International Global Business Partner Award 2004 – received from Manhattan Chamber of Commerce for dedication to fostering trade between Switzerland and the Untied States;  setting the highest standards of all Trade Commissioners in New York City; educating business owners about business opportunities with Swiss & Lichtenstein companies; and establishing the Swiss-American Council of Women.

  • Department of Small Business Ownership for Women 2006 – created and established the first public office dedicated to encouraging and assisting Swiss women in international trade.

  • Swiss Business Women’s International Trade Conference (2004-2007) – developed and implemented an educational and networking platform designed to provide Swiss women business owners the fundamentals of starting a business

  • in the United States; organized conferences in partnership with UBS, the Swiss Stock Exchange, Banque Cantonale de Vaudoise and Banque Cantonale de Genève.

  • Swiss Week New York (2001) – Created, organized, and managed the first “Swiss Specialty Food and Beverage Week” in twenty-seven supermarkets giving Swiss companies new to the market and opportunity to showcase and sell their products.




  • Business Guide for Swiss Companies in the U.S. published by Business Network Switzerland (BNS), 1999.

  • The U.S. Security Industry: Opportunities and Challenges for Swiss Companies, published by BNS in 2001.

  • Food Retail in the U.S.: Opportunities and Challenges for Swiss Companies, published by BNS in 2003.

  • Voice of Helvetia Digest ‘04 –Created an online digest for the Swiss-American & international community.

  • Doing Business in the U.S.: A Handbook for Swiss Women, published by BNS in 2005.

  • Documentary Film & Book: The Evergreen Pioneers –A Story of Immigration, 2004-filming continues.



Foreign Trade Commissioners Association of New York, Board of Directors; Swiss-American Council of Women, Founder/Executive Director; National Democratic Institute, Global Signatory. Languages: Working knowledge of French; Proficient in Turkish; former Notary Public of the State of New York since 1990.



B.A., Boston University, International Relations, Boston, MA, 1985.

Masters in International Business Management, Istanbul University, 1987.