Landwin International is the international office of LANDWIN, a real estate investment company based in Encino, California that specializes in acquiring and managing retail, office, industrial and condominium/multi-family properties. Landwin's success has been built on a track record of consistency, honesty and integrity.


Through the experience of our partners and associates, Landwin has acquired and sold more than 24 million square feet of combined commercial real estate development and asset management expertise, creating approximately $4 billion in end market value.


Landwin's range of exclusive off-market, first look distressed and special-situation equity and debt investment opportunities is continually renewed through an expansive network of relationships, built over more than 40 years of industry experience.

End market value of all properties: $ 4 billion 

$4 milyar gayrımenkul portföyü

What We Do


As investment advisors, asset managers, and principals co-investing with clients in every project, we understand how to deliver the benefits investors seek. These include:


  • Working with a proven, trusted advisor

  • Safety of principal

  • Limited liability protection

  • Passive, tax-sheltered monthly income

  • Timely, tax-free return of principal

  • Exceptional, tax-deferred profits

  • Quality replacement investments through 1031 exchanges


These and other benefits are delivered through the suite of services provided by Landwin and its operating asset and property management firm, Landwin Management.

What Landwin International Offers Foreign investors


Landwin International offers foreign investors:


  • A comprehensive team of industry professionals who advise on all aspects of investing in the American commercial real estate market.


  • A portfolio of income generating commercial properties


  • The opportunity foreign investor to own Class A commercial real estate with solid tenants like Verizon, Starbucks, Wal-greens and Wal-Mart, Trader Joe's and others. 


  • A safe haven to diversify their investnment portfolio.

What We Are Seeking


Landwin buys retail, office, industrial and condominium/multi-family properties in primary or secondary major metropolitan areas. At present, we are concentrating our major buying efforts in states west of the Rocky Mountains, Hawaii, Florida and the major metropolitan area of New York City. We will consider expanding investment areas in the future.

  • We concentrate on stabilized, income-producing core properties with a good history of successful returns to the previous investor.

  • We prefer properties that have assumable financing already in place or an owner who is prepared to provide their own purchase-money mortgage.

  • We will consider ground-up development and value-add repositioning during the appropriate economic conditions.

  • We will consider distressed properties if they fit our location criteria, and if we believe we can upgrade them to meet our quality standard.

  • Our preference is properties priced between $3 million and $50 million. We will consider larger opportunities, usually through a joint venture with the property owner or another real estate investment firm.