Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Time to begin exploring how you can diversify your investment portfolio and minimize your country risk.

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Have you ever had a sleepless night thinking...what if?

We all have a family or are part of one, and for those who are estranged or single with not much to worry about, none of us are immune to risk when it comes to our financial future. Most of us face financial risk whether our net worth is impressive or not. Some of us face the risk of losing our jobs or falling out with a business partner, the tyranny of economic crisis, political risk and not knowing if your money is safe in your own country, financial risk, and the list goes on and on. At some point or another, we have to have to ask ourselves "How do I minimize my financial risk?". Asking this question sooner rather than later will itself begin to minimize your risk.

When looking to diversify our investment portfolios, we often stay within our given borders and look at our local stock exchange, local real estate market, or at best, we look at the business we do with a neighboring country as a tool for diversification. Let's get real and begin to ask some simple questions. Do you really think your investment is protected from risk if you have all your eggs in one basket? It's only natural that you stay up at night night and think "What if?"...

The time has come not to ask "what if?" but "why not?". Why not look at the US or another market as a viable option to diversify your investment portfolio and to minimize your risk exposure?. Time to diverisfy your portfolio because it makes sense.

What are our options? There are a few, but today let's focus on real estate, specifically, commercial real estate in the United States.

Commercial real estate generates both rental income and appreciates in property value. When you have a moment, please read the article I posted on where millionaires are investing in the US. It's an eye opener for foreign investors who have yet to explore international markets as a means to diversifying their investment portfolios.

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